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London Photo Tours - Night

    Tour Operator: Aperture Tours     3 hours     Travel method: Walking     Region: London

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. Samuel Johnson

London by night is an impressive sight to behold. The reflections along the Thames and the city lights make this renowned capital irresistible. Capture the beauty of Tower Bridge and the majesty of Saint Pauls. Grab a tripod and a scarf for a three-hour exploration of London on a private tour where we will teach you how to make beautiful night time images through mastering the more challenging elements of photography such as long exposure, light trails, light painting and high ISO shooting.

Whether you are just starting, are a hobbyist or have years of experience, our team of professional photographers will find superb photographic opportunities for all kinds of interests. Capture not just the grand landmarks, but the stream of car lights and the blurred passing of boats on the River Thames. Take advantage of the one-on-one experience of our private and personalised tour to develop your own creative vision while offering practical tips on photographing in low light and long exposures.

Each tour is crafted to the skills and needs of the participants. Apart from taking photos, you can also expect to learn:

  • Night photography basics
  • Expert local photography knowledge of the city
  • Taking control of your camera: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and focusing
  • Long exposure light streaking - cars, boats
  • Reviewing your photography

Because the tours are private, it means we work at your level of technical expertise and cover what is interesting to you. Street style, or monumental masterpieces we have you covered. Looking for something specific, just let us know and out local professional photographers will work it into the itinerary so we can craft the perfect tour, suited directly to your skillset.

Each tour is private, and we will not couple you with people you do not know. Feel free to bring along guests, such as other photographer friends, or your partner and family, but we ask you to limit the group to four people. This way, we can work at your pace to make sure you take away the skills that last a lifetime.

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