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Royal London

The Royal Family’s history (and story) is one of the most interesting tales.


Self-Guided Tour: £9.99
All Ages


35 Minutes


We follow monarchist, Ed, and abolitionist, Colm as we follow in the age-old footsteps of monarchs and the armed forces. Let us transport you back 1000 years to trace the victories and tragedies that have shaped Britain and learn about the history of the royal family!

Walk with Us

  • Westminster Abbey
    Explore this beautiful Gothic Valve as we unravel its history and design, and how they are tied.

  • The Treasury
    Presently a government office- this building has stood by and witnessed England at its darkest hour.

  • The Cenotaph
    We pause at the memorial to pay regard to the lives that were lost in the war and reflect on peace and human suffering.

  • Horse Guards
    How do the Queen's lifeguards operate? Find out with us!

  • Guards Memorial
    We pause at the foot guards; memorial, a step towards the scenic St. James Park.

  • The Mall
    Walk down the Royal red carpet with us as you learn about the landscape around.

  • Buckingham Palace
    Our final stop has been home to the royal monarchs since the 17th Century. Discover what the palace has to share.

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