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All Access - World War II Blitz & Imperial War Museum Tour

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On September 3rd 1939 the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. Over a year later on 7th of September 1940, London was at the receiving end of Germanys ‘Lightning’. It has been 75 years since what residents of London, England call “The Longest Night.” That night of May 10-11, 1941 was filled with harrowing air raid sirens as bombs dropped from the darkened skies. When the sun finally came up, it was finally over. After eight months of sustained air attacks, Hitler gave up on trying to break the spirit of Londoners with sustained nighttime bombing attacks.


The bombing offensive was known as “The Blitz,” short for the German “blitzkrieg,” which translates as “lightning war ” but as you will learn, nothing could derail the spirit if the fighting British whose we can win attitude helped them not only to survive but to rebuild London.

On this fully guided tour you will visit the vet streets of the City of London where bombs dropped for 56 days, hear about harrowing tales, heroic deeds, and tragic losses. This tour will uncover the behind-the-scenes world of London at war, revealing how these terrifying events have reshaped and rebuilt the city that we know today.

The Imperial War Museum, located in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, opened in 1920. Several years later, in 1936, it was moved to what was previously the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Southwark. After World War II, the museum grew and expanded its collection, which was sometimes relocated to other branches in London, like the 


The Imperial War Museum is one of the best worldwide. The various exhibitions not only offer the possibility of seeing an atomic bomb, a human torpedo, tanks and military aircraft, but also depict how soldiers experienced the different conflicts and how these affected the rest of the population. On this tour you will see the best highlights of this huge museum. The vast collections include official documents, photographs and videos, military vehicles, aircrafts and military weapons. So much for any visitor to be able to achieve on their own making our guided tour one of the best ways to maximize your museum visit. Our guide will escort you on the best-crafted itinerary affording you the opportunity to maximize your tour time to concentrate on the most important and interesting exhibits.

The effects of the conflicts on the British and worldwide population is made apparent visiting the six floors of the museum.


Displayed in the museum’s bottom floor are original objects of World War I and World War II, as well as models of some war scenes, getting a sense of what soldiers went through when living in the trenches. A small exhibition dedicated to the children during various conflicts shows how kids lived through these difficult periods and how they tried to escape from the realities of war making it seem like a game.

The ground floor is one of the most interesting floors as it contains heavy weapons, including tanks and rockets. On the first floor, it is worthwhile visiting the Secret War exhibition on Special Forces, espionage and covert operations. The second and third floors explore the horrors of the Holocaust with original objects and material. In Tour Summary, this tour offers the perfect combination of must-see WWII locations but also includes a visit to London’s Imperial War Museum considered to be one of the best worldwide.

Inclusions & Places Visited

  • Visit the top exhibits at the London Imperial War Museum

  • See 17th century St. Paul's Cathedral

  • Visit the bombed ruins of Grey Friar's and the Memorial Garden

  • Walk through the bombed streets of the City of London

  • Visit the 15th century Guildhall in the City of London

  • Cross the famous River Thames

  • Tour guests rate our expert local English speaking guides 5 stars because they bring history alive - offering intriguing stories and insights into London, its people and culture

  • Discover so much more about London and its inhabitants and how they lived and coped with life during the Blitz.

  •  Offers the best opportunity to learn and see so much about London during WW11 and the Blitz

    Tour Highlights

    • See some of best WW I & II London locations

    • Fully guided tour of select exhibits at the Imperial Museum exhibits

    • This unique tour will uncover London behind-the-scenes while at war

    • Enjoy Easy Access to the Imperial War Museum

    • Learn what happened exactly during the Blitz, how the people of London escaped the continuous bombing and how the master plan of Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England led England to victory.

    • Small-group tour ensures a more personalized personalized experience

    • See, experience so much of London at war than you could on your own

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